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we can make a positive impact on the world, starting with our wardrobes.

Alpacas produce some of the softest, high-quality and sustainable knitwear in the world. Their earth-friendly fibre requires less water than other fleeces and no detergents when washing due to their natural anti-bacterial properties. Alpacas are only sheered once a year, so their fleece goes a long way. To put it into perspective, it would take four cashmere goats to produce one sweater, while one alpaca can produce two sweaters. All our garments are the natural colours of the alpaca fleeces so no dyes or chemicals are used in production.

We value the welfare of our alpacas and visit each alpaca personally to ensure they are treated lovingly, and the farm is running with Mother Nature in mind. We even visit on sheering day, to ensure they are well looked after. We’re completely transparent and can give you the name of the alpaca and the farm from which your garment’s yarn is from (we can even tell you their favourite treats).  All our garments our lovingly handmade on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, and our fibres are sourced and spun locally too.

Julie Torrance wearing an alpaca sweater

Photo Credits  –  Fi Mims Photography
Hair & Makeup – CG Hairdressing

meet the maker - julie

Flocci began as a passion project. I’ve been in the clothing industry for decades, from design and manufacturing right through to sales and personal styling. When I couldn’t find the perfect sustainable knit that didn’t leave a heavy earthly footprint, I decided I had to create it myself.

I select the fleece straight from the farm and deliver them to the local spinner, who hand spins using traditional techniques that leave the yarn feeling soft and luxurious against the skin.

I then hand make all the garments ensuring no yarn is wasted. In fact one of our most popular designs – the Velo jumper with block colour cuffs – was created to eliminate wastage. We are designing with a circular process in mind, ensuring no wastage or impact on the environment, creating slow fashion garments in classic styles that will last generations.

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