meet the maker

Slow fashion knitwear - Alpaca knitwear maker Julie on the machine

Hi there, Jules here – the hands and heart behind the Flocci garments! Flocci was created from a place of frustration; I couldn’t find the perfect slow fashion knitwear to match my ‘sophisticated meets edgy’ style that also didn’t ruin our beautiful earth… so I started creating my own. Cue Flocci.

I’ve worked in the clothing industry for decades now, in multiple brands across the globe, behind-the-scenes and on the forefront. From designer and manufacturer, right through to personal stylist and salesperson, and even a textiles teacher… you name it; I’ve done it! From seeing these channels first-hand, I’ve witnessed the incredible amount of wastage that occurs throughout the entire production line and supply chain. Most importantly I’ve learnt exactly what it takes to create high quality clothing slow fashion knitwear  – the antidote to fast fashion.

what's makes slow fashion knitwear?

There are hours of love in one knitted jumper. Included is the time spent washing the fleece, spinning and knitting the yarn, but most importantly, ensuring our fibre is sourced from happy, healthy and well cared for alpacas. We also ensure that each knit has the lowest earthly impact at every step of its journey. Learn more about our fabrics.

Alpaca wool winter collection
Hand spun alpaca yarn
Julie Torrance Flocci designer