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Luxus scarf


Couple this with a fitted jacket or a coat and allow the neck cravat fold to snuggle your neck – effortless edgy elegance for when the weather forces you to rug up. The rib cushioning of this scarf gives the fabric a light cushioning feel to protect from from the elements in the colder months.
All flocci products are made to order to reduce waste, so please allow 4-5 weeks for production and delivery.

Sustainable Alpaca Fleece

Made of 100% Alpaca fleece; the colour is completely natural; no chemicals or dyes have been used.
When you wear this garment, we hope you feel an instant connection to the Alpaca and the Australian land it has grazed on.  Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and, like merino wool, provides superior insulation. It is naturally anti-bacterial and can wick away sweat. It is lighter and warmer than wool. Due to its water resistance, it can keep you warm in wet/damp conditions and cool in summer.

Like any soft woollen garment, alpaca wool will pill from time-to-time. With care, the pilling can easily be removed. This will allow your garment to look like new for years to come.

Wear this with a fitted jacket or coat and tuck the scarf in under the chin, or wear over any top as a short scarf to add a pop of warmth and colour.

Length width
86cm 21cm

free shipping australia wide