sustainable fabrics - why alpaca knitwear?

It isn’t just because they are super cute and playful to visit! Alpaca fleece is one of the softest, finest, highest quality fibres available with a comparable softness to cashmere; it’s warm, light and not itchy. Alpaca knitwear is as great for the earth as much as it’s great to wear.

Raising alpacas does not harm the environment. When they graze, they merely cut off the tops of the grass as opposed to pulling up the root, allowing it to continue growing. Their soft padded feet also do not damage the topsoil, unlike the hooves of sheep or goat’s which decrease soil fertility.

Alpaca fleece is also one of the very few fibres that is naturally black without the need for dying (and with black being one of the most polluting dyes, this is a major benefit for the environment , our skin and health). It is also goes further – it would take 4 cashmere goats to produce one sweater, whereas one alpaca fleece would produce 2 sweaters.

Not to mention the yarn produced is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, sweat wicking and dust mite resistant… allergy sufferers rejoice!

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Grey knit jumper
Alpaca knitwear - Hand spun alpaca wool
Alpaca wool farm

transparency from farm to your arms

Flocci is proud to be able to offer complete transparency of all the alpaca fibre used in a garment. We even provide you with the alpaca’s name and/or where it lives, as well as a selfie of the cutie!

All Flocci fleeces are the natural colour of the alpaca – that means, no dyes. Grey alpacas are in short supply, so grey Flocci garments are made by combining black and cream fleece together to produce our three beautiful variations of grey. Black fleece is sourced locally from a farm specialising in black alpaca fleece, which is of high demand. Because of this, black garments are priced at a premium.

Each of our garments are handmade and unique. We source only the best fleece that has the ideal balance of softness and wearability.

We’re completely transparent and love chatting all things Flocci, from sustainability and the adventures of our alpaca friends, right through to styling and aftercare, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments you may have.

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Alpaca on the farm in Victoria
Alpaca knitwear - Alpaca yarn
Alpaca wool knit mid grey and black jumper